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Episode 1: Baseline

May 05, 2020 Lady Jupiter Episode 1
Lady Jupiter Podcast
Episode 1: Baseline
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First actual episode with details about home life, my newest blog post, using Poshmark as a means to avoid folding the laundry, and a confession that my show notes are *no longer in limbo* on

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Episode 1 Baseline

Welcome to Lady Jupiter Podcast, the audio accompaniment to - a lifestyle blog about military spouse life, traveling, home, and casual fashion.

Last episode you met me for the first time, and now we can get this show on the road! 

We can expect lady jupiter podcast to have a similar rundown for each show.
First I’ll give you a life update. This is interesting because the Jupiter House has learned to lean in to change, and as a result we recognize and embrace the changes that the military throws at us!

Then I’ll let you know what has changed on If I’ve written something new, I’ll tell you about it (but not read the blog post to you…unless you want me to?), and let you know what posts have been updated.

The next segment will be a brief hobby check; an update on my domestic diversions - the things I do to avoid folding the laundry. I’ll dig deeper into my popular blog posts, but also te you about my attempts to sell my closet with Poshmark, maybe a mention of my dusty sewing machines or just sharing a new-to-me recipe that I’ve been loving lately.

That’ll be about it! Just a chat about a variety of new things. Each episode will be under an hour long, and I will record new episodes twice each month around the first and the fifteenth. Just enough space to have new things to talk about, but not so often as to be repetitive or boring. I might record bonus episodes here and there if I have a lot to say about something - or if you listeners want me to read freshly published blog posts. It’s always an option.

And that’s the show! Thanks for joining me for Episode one : baseline. Show notes will be available in some form on I haven’t decided where I want to keep my show notes, but be advised that said notes are likely to be quick link lists - probably not transcripts. Regardless I am available for feedback. Shoot me an email to [email protected] and I will read what you care to write. 

I’ll be back soon for episode two. Subscribe to Lady Jupiter Podcast so you don’t miss an episode, and I look forward to sharing more with you next time.